PUBG Mobile India Update !

PUBG Mobile India Update! Relaunch isn’t really easy, and the long time Ban are not removed the corporate is preparing to launch the Indian version of PUBG. the corporate has affianced with Microsoft (Microsoft) ‘s cloud service Azure (Azure) to stay the information of Indian users within the country. However, so far, these games haven’t been approved by the Central Government for the relaunch.

The road is not easy there have been reports of Korean company Krafton re-launching the pub game from last few months. According to our partner website, PUBG Relaunch in India will not be so easy to relaunch in India. Although the company is telling the users of India through social media that PUBG Mobile India but the central government is not saying anything in this matter at the moment.

The Government of India has banned PUBG Mobile under section 69A of the IT Act. The government says that PUBG users data was being sent out of the country. In such a situation, without any concrete arrangement, the central government cannot allow PUBG Relaunch permission in India. It is being told that Chinese company Tencent also has some stake in PUBG game.

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