Leaked Android 12 Feature that everyone will love !

The Android 12 developer preview is about to launch in just some weeks anyway, although it’s unclear whether the new app hibernation feature are ready for beta testing as soon as that. What the feature does is to eliminate unused apps when not needed to optimize storage. the non-public data would stay, so you’d be able to use those apps whenever they’re needed.

The Android 12 feature was first leaked some days ago, and xda-developers found more details. Code changes submitted to AOSP explain how the feature will work, confirming that it’ll optimize storage on devices:

Framework administration that oversees application hibernation which is a state were applications can enter which means they’re not being effectively utilized and might be improved for capacity. the particular policy for determining if an app should hibernate is managed by PermissionController code.

The feature’s actual functionality isn’t detailed, so it’s unclear how it’ll work, but Google has lots of time to elucidate it once it’s able to roll out. But app hibernation will definitely are available handy on those devices where even 128GB of storage feels inadequate.

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We all have those apps neatly tucked away in folders for that one particular feature we expect we’d need. instead of downloading the app when needed, we tend to put in and never study it again. Before you recognize it, there’s a full collection of apps on your phone or tablet that you just could do away with.

Similarly Apple has already released an storage feature called Offload Unused Apps. If enabled, the Offload feature would automatically remove those apps you’ve been hoarding without removing the private data. More storage is created available to your needs immediately, and you won’t need to worry about backups and data loss. The feature can are available handy on iPhone and iPad devices with low storage.

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