Best Anime Watching Websites for Indian Otaku’s

Hey there, are you a weeb or Otaku ? No problem even most of official anime websites like funimation which is banned in india we can still watch anime using crunchyroll but I know I can understand the pain we can’t find good anime on crunchyroll roll obviously they also block most of the anime I suggest you to use vpn using vpn will unlock most of the anime in crunchyroll but now coming to main point in this blog I’m sharing most coolest website for watching anime and also for buying anime merchandise india.

#1 animixplay

0n the number #1 we have this is one of my favorite i also use this also for downloading anime series

they have many different streaming of servers which increase availability and the option so basically when you try to watch anime it works great for you. Every anime have there different streaming servers, and if you ever have an problem you can just switch the streaming server.

#2 Tubi Tv

This is a popular Anime web-site streaming Animes for free. If you are fond of streaming only the best Anime series, Movies, and TV Shows then this place is surely for you. Tubi Tv has a limited yet the best collection of the most popular Anime, Movies, and TV Shows. It has a better streaming quality than most of the other Anime streaming sites. Also, the site has a very clean and attractive interface with the support of Dark mode that helps you see clearly at night.

#3 Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is yet another best site to stream your beloved Anime, Manga, and other TV series for free. However, the site is not completely free, it also offers you a premium version in which it renders you an environment without annoying ads along with some other unique features. Still, Crunchyroll’s free version is no less. You can easily stream any Anime series which the site has in its collection. You have to just type the name in the search bar and it’ll be on your screen in a few flashes.


#4 9Anime

9Anime is considered one of the world’s best sites to stream your beloved Anime series and other TV show. There are two major reasons behind it. Firstly, you can stream any Anime from its huge catalog and that too in Full HD 1080p quality. Secondly, it has a number of inbuilt servers. You can easily stream from any other server if one server is not working. With millions of active users, it is one of the most trusted free anime and manga streaming websites on the internet. The website gets updated regularly, also if you want any other Anime you can easily request it via mail and it’ll be there in a few days. With millions of users, it is the most trusted streaming site.

#5 Chia-Anime

this website has the largest library for watching Anime series and the movies and also for anime soundtracks, and other content such as the comics and manga as well. Also, the site has much lesser ads running when compared with the other online streaming sites. These are the major reasons why we had included it in our list of best free Anime streaming sites. The site is well categorized and the Animes listed are well named for a better user experience. Another unique feature of the site is that it has two different players for streaming Animes, so if you are facing a problem in one player, you can easily switch to the other.

#6 Anime Heaven

Anime Heaven is one of the most liked platforms for free streaming of Anime and TV Shows. The site is much popular for a marvelous collection of Animes and TV Shows of almost all genres from drama and action to comedy, mystery, and thriller. Also, the site provides Full HD streaming quality of 720p and 1080p as well. Mostly all the Animes are in dubbed and subbed versions and more can be easily added if you write a mail to them. website name is animeheaven(dot)ru

#7 Aniko or Nekkoto

To Download this app i’ve already made two posts (Click Here)

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