Play Resident Evil Village’s Demo on PS5 “Maiden”

Hey there, If you are a playstation 5 owner, there is not much to play right now but expect games like the demon souls or the new spidermanBut here’s something new you can try right now the all new  “Resident Evil Village Maiden” Earlier It wasn’t released on the Playstation Store but its released for an hour now by now.

So Now Coming to the main point on the PlayStation Store on PS5, the game was included up front in the “What’s hot” area for me, and I had the option to begin the download with a couple button presses. Yet, in case you’re away from your PS5 and need to distantly download the demo so it’s prepared to play later, there’s a couple of approaches to that, as well.

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So if you’r wondering how you can download it here are some simple steps

In case you are using a web browser, here’s you can find the Maiden’s post in hot release on the PlayStation Store, where you see the option to add the game to your library.

In case you’re on the PlayStation mobile app, you see search maiden or see through recent posts the option to begin the download from that point.

On the android or ios application of Resident Evil, you can also get to the Maiden page from the Resident Evil Village posting by tapping the case over the preorder button and choosing Maiden from the rundown of releases for Village.

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