How to Make Anime Flash Warning Trending Video With Mobile

Things Required for making on device

You need three apps to download first one is megaphoto and second is pics art and 3rd is any video editing app for mobile for example I’m using filmora.

  • Filmora Mobile or YouCut Video Maker
  • Pics Art
  • MegaPhoto

Now You Have to Shoot a Short Video of yourself standing or doing whatever you want in the video and the length must be under 10 seconds

Now using PicsArt I will take a snapshot from my video and then download any png anime image you want to use like ryuk or Goku , I will place a Goku image on top of it (for example)

PicsArt Example (you can also remove yourself from background)

Now Open this photo on Megaphoto App

Click on image Library and select the photo (you edited earlier with Goku) and then use the flashing filter have to look for the filter then record a short video of it by clicking on the record button

In final edit image will become a short video like this.

Now Download the The Music you can just search on google (flash warning anime music ringtone) you can download it.

Now the last part is you have to merge all together the video of yourself and the image we edit earlier and you have to sync the flashing part with music and then finally you made it.

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