Two new games like PUBG will be launched in 2022

Two new games like PUBG will be launched in 2022, CEO announces

PUBG has been banned in India. The FAUG game was created in India for crores of gamers playing PUBG after PUBG was banned and PUBG GAME, on the other hand, is also trying its best to make a comeback in India under the name of PUBG Mobile India but without the permission of the Government of India. Is impossible. The FAUG game is scheduled to begin on January 26.

Pubg or the fau-g game, now there will be a big competition
Let us tell you that PUBG MOBILE INDIA is not coming back in India at the moment, but it is certain that now the competition in the world of Batter Royal Games will increase. On one hand, after the ban of PUBG, Free Fire has made its dominance over the gamers, on the other hand, the Indian developers have decided to launch FAUG on 26 January by making them Indian style. Now on the third side, Kim Chang-Han, CEO of Krafton, the parent company of PUBG Corporation, has announced the launch of two new Battle Games during an interview.

This means that the company making PUBG game is now preparing to launch two new battle games and they will be similar to PUBG but its features are said to be even better than PUBG. Let us tell you that Krafton is a South Korea company. This company is also behind the creation of PUBG ie Players Unknown Battle Ground.

Information on new games of PUBG
In an interview to Bloomberg, Krafton CEO Kim Chang-Han said that we not only want to stop until the huge success of PubG, but our aim is to establish PubG as a big franchise. Giving information about new games of PUBG, he said that these games will be launched in 2022 and will be launched for PCs and consoles only. However, for India, he said that there is a plan to launch these games of PUBG in the mobile based version in India.
Talking about another new game from the company Krafton, it will be called ‘The Callisto Protocol’. It will be a pub-based horror game and the company may launch it in 2022. The game will be developed by Striking Distance Studios. Apart from these two games, there is news that a new sequel to the PUBG game can also be named, which can be named PUBG 2 and PUBG Mobile 2.

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