TikTok and PUBG is going to be banned Permanent in India!

The Modi government at the middle isn’t satisfied with the clarification given by the Chinese mobile apps companies of China. Therefore, a complete of 59 Chinese apps, including TikTok, are set to be banned forever within the Chinese Apps Ban in India. Notice has been issued to impose a permanent ban on mobile apps in India (Chinese Apps Ban in India). an officer related to the case said that the central government isn’t satisfied with the clarification given by the Chinese app companies. Therefore, a call is being taken to shut these 59 apps in India (Permanent Ban) forever. Gives companies an opportunity to present their case before the permanent ban The Union Ministry of data and Technology had banned these 59 apps in June 2020 itself

The central government had banned these apps as a threat to the sovereignty and integrity of the country likewise as security. After this, the Central Government gave these companies an opportunity to present their stand before imposing a permanent ban. List of questions got to companies, answers had to tend very well The ministry had also sent a listing of some inquiries to all the businesses, which they’d to answer thoroughly. The Central Government had banned these Chinese mobile apps under section 69A of the knowledge Technology Act. After this, within the last 6 months, the govt. banned 208 other Chinese apps.

After this, several rounds of diplomatic and military level talks passed off between the 2, but no solution to the border dispute has been found to this point. Tiktok said, we followed the instructions of the govt. of India

The spokesperson of Tiktok said that after reading and observing the notice, we will able to give any answer. He said that TikTok is that the 1st company to follow all the instructions which was issued by the government of India on the 29 June 2020. We are constantly following local laws and regulations. Also, they’re able to find an on the spot solution to any concern raised by the government of india.. Privacy & data security of users is our top priority.

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