Top 10 Anime Streaming Apps i found on Reddit (No Ads)

Disclaimer – In this article i got all information from google and reddit everything shown and used are for education purpose only and if i found anyone copying my content i will take actions.

Hello Guys Most of us get tired of searching for anime websites or android apps where we weebs can spend our time, but finally after looking for hours and hours i found top 10 anime streaming apps

On Number #1

we have the AnimeZone this is my favorite streaming app you can download it by searching AnimeZone on Google then Click on Github link (Ads Free)

On Number #2

We have the YugenAnime this one is most amazing replacement and also the destroyer of those anime community apps who won’t allow users to use there app like aniko nekoto You can download it by searching YugenAnime on Google just visit and install it as an application (Ads Free)

On Number #3

We have the (JustAnime) Streaming App it’s an Amazing Anime Streaming App and Also an Website where you can watch thousands of animes (No Ads)

On Number #4

We have AnYme X this one is also my favorite anime streaming app which i found on reddit you can download it from google here this is also (no ads) streaming app

On Number #5

We have TioAnime this also an (no ads) anime streaming app which i found on reddit and google you can download this app by just searching it on google “tioanime”

On Number #6

We have AnimeDRL this is also a very popular anime streaming app which is available on android platform where you can watch thousand of Animes you can download it from Google by searching on Google ANIMEDRL

On Number #7

On the 7 we have AnimixPlay its the best one and most popular it’s both app & and a website you can just visit and install it as an application and start watching visit here

On Number #8

On the 8 number we have Animedl this app has so many amazing anime’s which are ads free to watch i found this app on github here you can download it

Source Github

On Number #9

on the second last we have AniWatch this also an great anime streaming app where you can watch anime with out any ads but they only open registration few times in decades

On Number #10

i have a surprise here this are my favorite anime watching sites having no ads genoanime(dot)com and animumu(dot)ga this are amazing websites for streaming anime hope you guys enjoying reading this article i spend hours and hours in writing this thank you !

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