Top 5 Games to Play When Bored

Hello, whats up guys welcome back ! so in this article im going writing about top 5 time killer games you can play when you are bored and also this games are available on both play store and app store.

first we have tomb of the mask its a 8 bit retro classic game which is very a intresting game i have played and there are so many exciting levels.

Next one we have the Honkai Impact the 3rd if you havent played it yet you need to try it this game has amazing graphics and a its pretty good hack / slash game ever on the android ios platform.

ok the next game is brain code this something very different compared to other games its a coding based puzzle game this game is very intresting and also time killer.

now we have the genshin impact this is one of my favorite game its an open world rpg game it has an amazing story line charactor improvements and amazing
graphics currently available on both App Store and play store

ok on the last we have the 2048 a mathematics game its an very easy fun game and also a time killer game even I’m not good at maths but still i love to play this game.

Here a Video You Can Watch it .

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