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Because not everyone getting keys so next time account will be given away on glem

  • Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) APK and OBB download links for Android

    After being banned almost 10 months ago, PUBG Mobile has come back to India under a new name, Battlegrounds Mobile India. The game has been released in early access. The two games are almost identical with a few differences. While the global version is published by Tencent, Battlegrounds Mobile India is published by Krafton. It doesn’t have red blood, and refers to the battlefield as a “virtual playground.” Instead of kills in the game, all eliminations are called “finishes” or “defeats.” Players will also be asked to confirm if they’re above 18 years old when the game is opened. This can easily be changed through the settings, though.

    Players will also be able to transfer their data from the original version of PUBG Mobile. This includes all skins, progress, and other items. Download Links

    The APK file’s size is 71.93 MBs while the OBB file is 636.46 MBs. Additional data including maps, skins, and textures will be downloaded when the game is opened. Players can select what features they want to download.

    How to download Battlegrounds Mobile India on Android?

    • Download and extract the APK and OBB files.
    • Once this is done, locate them on your device.
    • Click on the APK file to begin the installation process. You may need to enable the installation of apps from unknown sources in the settings, however.
    • The OBB file, on the other hand, has to be copied to the following location: Android > OBB > com.pubg.imobile. If this folder doesn’t exist, create it with the same name.
    • Open Battlegrounds Mobile India, login, and enjoy.

    PUBG Mobile was banned in India due to data privacy concerns. While announcing Battlegrounds Mobile India, Krafton said that data privacy and security are a “top priority” for it. The South Korean company added that it will be working with “partners” to comply with local laws.

    Update June 17 7:15am CT: BGMI’s early access is now full. While you may be able to download the install the game through the APK file, it may not work until Krafton allows more players into early access.

  • We are Back with Nekkoto Accounts and Keys !

    Hello Everyone we are back with the Aniko/Nekkoto Invite Keys & Accounts currently we have shared more then 300+ accounts on this website and we also share accounts on reddit and users are enjoying it.

    How to Get it ? Just comment any useless email and i will randomly select any email and share the invite key and accounts (do not share personal information)

    This time we have manage to get more then 150 accounts and 180 keys hopefully most of users will get accounts and keys this time !

    if you did’t get any accounts or keys earlier you can try you’r luck this time comment your email again i will randomly select few emails mostly (when accounts are available) remember if you comment other then that it will get blocked, we have limited accounts if your are wondering how i get them (all thanks for reddit users for providing free accounts & keys ) That’s all for now if you want to support or say thanks you can look over to the ads Remember do not share any personal information share any useless email.

    Note- Your Comment will only visible to me.

    (Earlier Giveaway Proof )
  • PUBG Mobile Comeback: Will PUBG Mobile Really Return? Learn, the story so far …

    Krafton will bring PUBG Mobile back to India or PUBG Mobile India and PUBG: New State will be brought to India, the company will give accurate information, but we will explain to you in detail the news about PUBG in the last few months. Huh.

    It has been almost seven months since PUBG Mobile was banned in India, but so far Indian fans have neither been given any clarity on the withdrawal of the game by the government nor any statement issued by the game’s parent company Krafton Has been done. On the one hand, the government is strict about the return of the game. At the same time, Krafton on the other hand says that “the effort is in progress” about the game’s comeback. PUBG Mobile to be banned in September 2020 and soon after that the company announced PUBG Mobile India. After this, the government made a serious statement about the game and then announced another new game of the company, PUBG: New State, but do not start pre-registration in India, but the Hindi language can be found in the script of the game’s official website, This story of news has confused all the fans in India.

    Now, Krafton will bring PUBG Mobile back to India (PUBG Mobile Comeback) or PUBG Mobile India and PUBG: New State will be brought to India, the company will give the exact information, but we will bring you a one- One is going to explain the news in detail. Let’s know

    PUBG Mobile banned in India
    In early September 2020, the Government of India banned a total of 118 Chinese apps and games, including PUBG Mobile. The ban has been imposed by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) under the provisions of the Information Technology Rules 2009. Regarding the ban, the government had said that the banned apps are “dangerous for the sovereignty and integrity of the country”. The government said the ban was “imposed after receiving numerous complaints from various sources, including several reports about the misuse of many mobile apps available on Android and iOS, including unauthorized access of users’ data to servers installed outside India. Sending on is also included.

    Tencent Games Announces Tata PUBG Mobile India
    PUBG Corp. immediately after the ban, due to the breach in users’ privacy and the charges of data espionage. Had decided to withdraw the PUBG Mobile franchise from all publishing responsibilities in the country from Tencent Games, a Shenzhen-based game company in India. Krafton hoped that after the end of the relationship with the Chinese company, the government might not be so strict about the game, but it did not happen. This attempt of the company failed.

    A silver lining for PUBG Mobile Players was revealed in November 2020, almost two months after Bain and Prakan took over the responsibilities of publication, when PUBG Mobile developers announced a new game called PUBG Mobile India. Krafton said it was “designed specifically for the Indian market.” Several trailers for the new game were also released, but no information has been shared yet about its release.

    PUBG Corp. Big investment in India and posting many big job listings
    PUBG Corporation planned to set up a local office in India by the end of 2020 and news came that the company would employ more than 100 employees to enhance communications and services with players there. Not only this, PUBG Corporation and parent company Krafton also planned to invest $ 100 million i.e. around 7.4 billion rupees to promote “local video game, e-sports, entertainment and IT industries” in India.

    As the year 2020 came to an end some new news came out where it was revealed that PUBG has recruited its new India Country Head. Krafton has announced Aneesh Aravind as its new country manager, who has over 15 years of experience in the gaming industry and has worked with Tencent and Zynga gaming companies. In addition, the company also appointed visual content designer, finance manager, senior community manager and senior eSports manager.

    Government strict on PUBG Mobile’s return to India
    In early March, Union Minister Prakash Javadekar, in one of his statements, described the PUBG game as one of the violent, obscene and habitual games. He also spoke about the government’s plan to set up a Center of Excellence to promote Indian cultural values. The government will create new centers, which will teach people VFX, gaming and animation. The government says that through this people will develop games keeping in mind Indian cultural values. He said “PUBG was just an example, but criticizing those games is not the solution. The solution is that we create our own games and apps for the world under #MakeInIndia.” Although he has not shared any information on the return of PUBG Mobile, but it is clear from this statement that the Government of India has taken a strong stand on the return of PUBG Mobile.

    PUBG: New State announcement and withdrawal gesture
    Here the company was talking about the return of PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile India that in late February, the company announced a new Battle Royale game named PUBG: New State. The game was made available on Google Play for pre-registration, but India was excluded from it. As such, the game’s publisher Krafton had stated clearly in a statement that “they are not planning to launch the game in India right now.” But still, a leak found that the source code of the official website of PUBG: New State allegedly contained a Hindi language script. However, after the news spread, the company removed the language from the script. The screenshots shared revealed that the Hindi script was added to translate the entire website into the Hindi language.

  • Apex Legends Mobile Android & Download Link for APK-OBB (Latest), Step by Step guide

    Apex Legends Mobile Pre Register Android & Download Link for APK-OBB, Step by Step guide. Apex legends Mobile is a game that has redefined the battle royale genre with robust upgrades & improvised combat mechanisms. The game has set a new standard in gaming when it comes to advanced gunfights. Furthermore, the special abilities of each character make the role of any teammate more important. Each player in Apex Legends must be skilled in certain aspects of the game if they wish to make them useful in a team.

    Respawn Entertainment announced the closed beta release of Apex Legends Mobile. Chad Grenier, the game director of Apex Legends, broke the news in a blog on the official website. Follow this article for Apex Legends Mobile Pre Register Android & Download Link, Requirements & everything else you need to know.

    How to Pre Register for Apex Legends Mobile? What you need to know
    India & Philippines are the only two regions included in the beta testing.
    The beta testing is limited to android devices only. For players who own an iOS, they must wait longer but the developers have assured that iOS will be included in the later stages.
    Pre-Register yourself from here in the Google Play Store to install the game ahead of its global launch.
    Apex Legends Mobile Download Link
    Apex Legends mobile is finally available on Google Play Store for those who pre-registered for the game. The game will cost you 1.34 GB of Internal Storage. Like its PC Counterpart, Apex Legends Mobile is available for free and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

    Steps to download the Apex Legends Mobile through Apk and Obb

    • Firstly, before processing, players need to ensure around 4 GB of free space to install Apex Legends Mobile.
    • Further, download the APK and Obb file from the link given below:
    APK -
    OBB -
    • After installing both the APK and Obb files, locate the downloaded files and allow the device to install from unknown sources. Following the successful installation of the Obb file, move the Obb file to the “” folder. After moving the Obb file to its destination, players can easily access and enjoy Apex legends Mobile on their devices.
  • How to Create a Successful YouTube Channel Pro Guide.

    Hey there ,my name is yash i’m currently a youtuber at ( and i welcome you to my website so basically i want to share how to start a successful Youtube Channel on the basis of my year’s of experience being a youtuber.

    Here are basic things you need to keep in mind before creating a Youtube channel

    1. Start with choosing a good name
    2. Create a Logo for Your Channel
    3. Create a Channel Art
    4. know about your content type
    5. Remember do not worry about monetization it takes time just focus on content
    6. You Should Upload your first (official) video of your channel
    7. Channel Name should be Easy and Unique
    8. Most importantly Stay consistent
    9. Integrate your channel in your website if possible
    10. Engage with your community
    11. it’s optional and it will help you to grow fast you can think about investing in YouTube ads

    #1 Getting Started

    The thing is you’ll have to make your business channel, and YouTube makes it unimaginably simple to do. With only a few of snaps, you’ll be prepared to plunge into setting up your new channel.

    • Sign into Your YouTube Account and click on the user icon at the top right of the screen
    • Click on the gear icon to get to your account’s YouTube Settings
    • Now Click on Create a new channel
    • Then choose “Any Unique Name”
    • Then Simply add your Brand name and click create

    #2 Fill in about Sections

    If you’re thinking how to start a YouTube channel that draws attention to your brand or might be anything like gaming channel ,so the next step for you is to fill out your profile and channel description this is also a important step it helps to engage users. Basically This is the first option you see after you have created a channel. Here, you should describe your Channel and what yours viewers can expect to see it on the channel. Basically i use this section to add links for sponsors suppory so you can add a email where people can contact you so Basically This is also a good place to add links of your website and other social media networks that you use.

    #3 Your Channel Art

    You can create a channel art by using any software or Photoshop Basic Guide

    At the point when you go to a YouTube channel, you’ll promptly be welcomed with a huge standard showing the channel name. This is your cover photograph and is first rate property for presenting your image.

    You can make your cover photograph as luxurious or insignificant as you’d like, yet ensure that your image is the point of convergence, as it will be the initial introduction somebody gets after entering. Fortunately, there are an incredible variety of instruments to kick you off on the off chance that you don’t turn out to be a prepared visual originator. Agreeable update: YouTube suggests transferring your cover photograph at 2560 x 1440 pixels with a most extreme document size of 4MB.

    #4 Know your Content

    Since you’re in the of beginning a YouTube channel for your own business, you ought to have a very sizable amount of source material to work with, and you can move toward your video content in more than one manner.

    On the off chance that you have create an content and need to engage your visitors to study it, video instructional exercises may be an extraordinary road for you. Need to flaunt incredible surveys from your clients? Tributes might be the best approach. Stunningly better, do both! Thusly, your channel has an assortment of substance to devour, which can resound with various watchers.

    #5 Create You’re First Video (official)

    Your First Video is About Your Self talking about your passion and most importantly the content you will be providing to Your visitors

    Now, you’ve likely done a considerable lot of examination about your first video, and on the off chance that you as of now have your channel trailer added to your repertoire, you have a touch of training also! Presently it’s an ideal opportunity to take and state “activity.” Whenever you’re finished shooting and altering your first video, it’s an ideal opportunity to transfer it. Given that YouTube depends on video transfers, you’ll discover the transfer choice at the upper right of the screen when you sign into your record. You’re not done at this point, however!

    #6 Stay Consistent and Stay reliable

    This is it, One Your Done All the Steps above you need to start being more reliable and consistent about uploading videos and you need to be active for your subscribers in the starting you won’t get much interaction but ones you’ve reached 1,000 subscribers you’ll get to understand how youtube works.

    Things to Remember Try not to expect achievement on the off chance that you intend to make a YouTube channel, transfer one video and afterward disregard it totally. Making an effective YouTube channel requires some serious energy and exertion, and watchers expect consistency from the channels that they buy in to. After your first video, make certain to design the following not many recordings early.

    Uncertain in the event that you’ll have the opportunity to shoot a video consistently or all other weeks? Not an issue! Remove a day from your timetable to shoot more than one video and delivery them on your own timetable.

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  3. Anime zone is much better app no bullshit signup or any shitty invites or donations and it also has dubbed anime just fuk nekkoto the whole community and devs moderators are full of ego , few days ago i msg on their discord sever and requested moderators for invite key and they blocked me , they can do hell with their app so much rules and shit the only thing good about nekkoto is their ui is beautiful and nothing else …. I wish their whole community gets banned …

  4. Download animezone and enjoy hassle free watching anime much larger library compared to nekkoto I recommend everyone not to signup for nekkoto its just pure shit , A app made by bunch of school kids …

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