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Because not everyone getting keys so next time account will be given away on glem

  • Aniko/Nekkoto Invite Keys
    (Proof of Sharing Keys & Accounts ) Congratulation to This Fellows

    So We are back with more then 30 of keys and accounts

    More than 100+ Accounts & Invite Keys Already Shared Few Got banned because they try to change password but 90% are Enjoying so far and more to go !

    For Those Who Did’t Get earlier try this time !

    And Please try to understand not every will get accounts and invite keys because i randomly select from more then 400 comments so please understand thank you !

    How To Get Keys & Accounts ?

    Just Comment Your Useless Email Below (Don’t Share any Personal Information)

    And Congratulation to this fellows who got keys and accounts this time we are done sending the limited keys and accounts but comment your emails again i will randomly select few emails mostly (30) remember if you comment other then that it will get blocked, we have unlimited keys and accounts if your are wondering how i get keys (all thanks for reddit users for providing free keys) That’s all for now if you want to support or say thanks you can look over to the ads Remember do not share any personal information share any useless email.

    Definition – Aniko/Nekkoto is just a imaginary source that people use to spend there time on it and its nothing serious about it ! & what is invite keys ? it’s nothing but just a key to access the source

  • Whatsapp in preparation for bringing new privacy policy again

    The Most Popular App WhatsApp has once again back with released its new privacy policy.

    if your wondering Is there a risk of data this time too? Will your personal information be shared with Facebook and Instagram? so i’m covering all information you need to know quickly what is the danger for users …

    WhatsApp’s new privacy policy

    WhatsApp has released its new privacy policy Friday . However, this time the app has chosen the words very carefully and pointing only main and strong points. Also, pointers have also been used to reduce confusion.

    New policy for business accounts

    According to the information received, the new privacy policy has been released only for business accounts. The company has clearly written in its new statement, ‘We are changing our terms of service and privacy policy. These changes are related to the messaging on WhatsApp between the business and their customers. Under the new policy, the company can take the location and contact list of the users of WhatsApp Business.

    There is no pressure to accept the condition

    On January 5, when WhatsApp issued a new privacy policy, everyone was forced to obey it. Also, the app had made it clear that if you did not listen to them, you would not be able to run WhatsApp. But this time the notes of WhatsApp have changed. The app has said that there is no pressure to follow the new privacy policy of WhatsApp Business. You will be able to use it without accepting the conditions.

    Currently the WhatsApp data your device will not be taken

    The company has made it clear that the privacy of your personal chats will not be affected. Meaning, your talk with friends or family will always be safe. Personal messages, calls, photos, videos, location, etc. shared with friends and family cannot be viewed by both WhatsApp and Facebook.

    WhatsApp has once again made it clear that who is sending or calling messages, records will not be kept.

  • The most REALME smartphone with 5G support is on sale today (all you need to know)

    Let me tell you that the most special thing about the Realme X7 series is that it was launched in the market with the new Dimensity 5G chipset from MediaTek.

    Apart from this, Realme X7 Series has also been eligible for the new Realme Upgrade Program of the company that has just come up.

    This means that under this program you can buy this mobile phone with 70 percent price, after that you can give the remaining price anytime of the year.

    REALME X7 5G Price in India

    The best variant of Realme X7 gets 6GB RAM and 128GB storage and is priced at Rs 19,999 while the 8GB + 128GB variant of the device has been introduced for Rs 21,999. Apart from this, Realme X7 Series has also been eligible for the new Realme Upgrade Program of the company that has just come up.

    This means that under this program you can buy this mobile phone with 70 percent price, after that you can give the remaining price anytime of the year.

    Specs of REALME X7 5G

    Realme X7 has a 6.4-inch Full HD + display which is an AMOLED panel and has a punch-hole at the top which has a front camera. The display is getting the protection of Gorilla Glass.

    The Realme X7 comes with a MTK Dimensity 800 U processor its an octacore CPU and is which is paired with the Graphics Processing Unit of Mali0G57 .

    The smartphone comes in 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage.

    Talking about camera setup, the Realme X7 has a triple camera, which has a 64MP primary camera and its aperture is f / 1.8. The second camera is an 8MP ultra-wide-angle camera and is also getting a 2MP macro camera.

    A 16MP selfie camera is available on the front of the device. The rear camera allows you to record 4K at 30FPS.

    The Realme X7 has a 4,310mAh battery that supports 50W fast charging and is packed with a 65W fast charging adapter.

    Reality claims that it can fully charge the phone in 47 minutes.


    Release Date: 21 Sep 2020

    Variant: 128GB 6GBRAM

    Market Status: Upcoming

  • Asus ROG Phone 5 Launching on March 10 (All You Need to Know)

    Asus ROG PHONE 5 with 16GB RAM is coming soon to change the definition of gaming smartphones in India, know when is launching


    Launch of Asus ROG Phone 5 in India has been tipped It is believed that Asus ROG Phone 5 is going to be launched in India on Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chipset.

    It is also coming to know that this time you are going to get a matrix display in ROG Phone.

    Asus ROG Phone 5 has been coming out for some time with room and renders etc. However, despite many leaks and rumors so far, no one was aware of the exact time and time when this phone is going to be launched.

    Never before had this information been revealed. Although it has been revealed that ROG Phone 5 is going to be launched soon but its exact date has not been revealed yet.

    However, the timeline of the launch of this phone from a tipster is definitely coming out. But after this, in another tweet, its launch date has also been revealed by this tipster, let us tell you that according to a new tweet, this mobile phone i.e. Asus ROG Phone 5 was launched in India on March 10.

    Aside from this, in this tweet, now hours are also visible and this timer is being shown along with the day, Asus ROG Phone 5 is going to be launched like the company’s next flagship phone, apart from this you will get some It is also going to get the advantages of competing with top-class smartphones, whether it is performance or anything else. In this mobile phone, you are also going to get some of the newest and best features related to mobile gaming.

    If we follow tipster Mukul Sharma, Asus ROG Phone 5 can be launched at some point in March. However, the exact information about when this gaming smartphone is going to be launched has not been revealed. Asus has teased the launch of this mobile phone in China, although nothing like this has yet been revealed for India’s market. If we believe Tina (TENAA), one such Asus model ROG Phone 5 has been seen here some time back. In this mobile phone, you are going to get a 6.78-inch display, in the set you will also get an OLED panel. You are going to get 144Hz high-end gaming experience in the phone. Asus ROG Phone 5 is getting a 6000mAh capacity battery, in addition it is equipped with 65W fast charging. You are going to get 2 USB C Ports in the phone.

    Apart from this, if we talk about the camera etc., then let us tell you that in this mobile phone i.e. Asus ROG Phone 5 you are going to get a 64MP triple camera setup, something similar was also seen in the previous Asus Phone. It is coming out that in this mobile phone you are going to get a Sony sensor. If we talk about some hands-on images, then let us tell you that in the Asus ROG Phone 5 you will also get a secondary matrix display, which is going to show you notifications alerts and important snippets. This display is going to be seen with RGB Lighting around the ROG Logo.

  • #Shweta: Who is Shweta And Why is Her Name Top Trend on Twitter?

    Just when the internet was recovering from ‘Pawri ho rahi hai’ fever, another meme has now taken it by storm. This time too, it’s a girl and her name is ‘Shweta’ who has got everyone revving online. From jokes to memes and spoof videos #Shweta is all over desi internet. It went ahead of even #IPLAuction or #PetrolPriceHike on Twitter, becoming the top trend on Indian Twitter at one point with thousands of tweets.

    So why is Shweta trending?

    If you’re still wondering who is Shweta and why she’s going viral, here’s your answer: it’s because of a leaked Zoom call of an online class where a girl named Shweta forgot to mute her mic. She was having a private discussion with a friend that went public and got people’s attention online.

    In the video going viral, the girl continues to share some private details of a boy, who had asked her to keep it a secret. Fellow students try to warn her that her mic is on, but she does not listen.

    “Usne ye apne best friend ko bhi nahi bataya (He didn’t even say it to his best friend),” Shweta is heard saying at one point. To which, a fellow student quipped: “Ab ye 111 logo ko pata chal gaya hai (Now, 111 people have heard of it).”

    Not only did the audio of the zoom call went viral across social media platforms from YouTube to Instagram, it also triggered a hilarious meme-fest online. Desi Twitterati started sharing memes to poke fun at the girl’s gaffe, adding that there is always a Shweta in every Zoom call who unwittingly gives out all secrets.

    Here are some of the funniest Shweta memes for you to watch and have a laugh at:


  • What is glem?

    • Hello bro ,I have many accounts left to giveaway before that I will share you some invite key but do not use it right away because they are currently not accepting more user so invite key will be waste, for now you should use animezone which is actually better than nekkoto

  • When will the giveaway key be held?

  • Ehsanul Haque Siam

    When the giveaway key be held

  • Need a key.. Please mail me

  • bro i appreciate your efforts
    and about the other pls dont force him he is not a god who can do anything he is just a hero who helped us till his maximum

  • Fenrir's Father

    I really appreciate your efforts, please keep sharing the keys.
    i have downloaded the app but whenever I go for sign up it says “something is wrong”.

  • Anime zone is much better app no bullshit signup or any shitty invites or donations and it also has dubbed anime just fuk nekkoto the whole community and devs moderators are full of ego , few days ago i msg on their discord sever and requested moderators for invite key and they blocked me , they can do hell with their app so much rules and shit the only thing good about nekkoto is their ui is beautiful and nothing else …. I wish their whole community gets banned …

  • Download animezone and enjoy hassle free watching anime much larger library compared to nekkoto I recommend everyone not to signup for nekkoto its just pure shit , A app made by bunch of school kids …

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