Invite Key for Nekkoto/Aniko



Because not everyone getting keys so next time account will be given away on glem

  • Top Anime Streaming Apps September 2021

    There are already most of anime streaming apps are banned !

    but don’t worry i’ve got your back here is an list of few android apps with amazing ui currently working without any problems !

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  • PUBG fans got a gift: PUBG went live in India: Pre-registration of New State, know everything …

    Pre-registrations for PUBG: New State have begun in India, with game maker Krafton announcing that Android and iPhone users can pre-register the game through the Google Play Store and App Store respectively. Announced on the global stage in February, the chances of this game coming to India seemed very low, but with the opening of pre-registration, it is now clear that in the coming time, we will see PUBG: New State along with Battlegrounds Mobile India. Can play too. The new game is very similar to PUBG Mobile, but its theme is based on the modern era.

    Krafton says that PUBG: New State will launch as a free-to-play experience on Android and iOS platforms this year. However, the exact launch date has not been shared at the moment. Interested players can pre-register on Google Play for Android devices and App Store for iOS devices. PUBG: New State has garnered over 32 million pre-registrations in the global stage since February, but this figure does not include fans from India, China and Vietnam. Pre-registration players will get limited edition vehicle skin (permanently).

    Announced in February, PUBG: New State has the familiar battle royale setting, but is set in 2051 and includes modern weapons and vehicles as well as many modern gadgets. This is expected to add to the fun of the gameplay. The trailer released in February showed off some new gadgets and the game’s environment. Some of the teased features include new vehicles, flying gadgets and customizable guns.

    Let us tell you that PUBG Mobile was banned in the country in September last year due to its ties with the Chinese company Tencent. It was brought back as Battlegrounds Mobile India this year, when the publishing and distribution rights of PUBG Mobile were taken over by Krafton. At the same time, the company is now bringing PUBG: New State to India as well. Krafton says that he has invested a total of $ 70 million in the IT sector in India this year (Rs 511 million), including an e-sports company Nodwin Gaming, game streaming platform Loco and a web novel platform Pratilipi.

  • Questions on Capgemini Game based Aptitude Test (Switch Challange)

    Question 1

    Question 2

    Question 3

    Question 4

    Question 5

    . 2314

    Question 6

    Question 7

    Question 8

    Question 9

    Question 10

    Answers –

    • Question 1 Answer is 3241
    • Question 2 Answer is 1432
    • Question 3 Answer is 1342
    • Question 4 Answer is 2143
    • Question 5 Answer is 2431
    • Question 6 Answer is 4312
    • Question 7 Answer is 2413
    • Question 8 Answer is 2413
    • Question 9 Answer is 2431
    • Question 10 Answer is 1324
  • Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) APK and OBB download links for Android

    After being banned almost 10 months ago, PUBG Mobile has come back to India under a new name, Battlegrounds Mobile India. The game has been released in early access. The two games are almost identical with a few differences. While the global version is published by Tencent, Battlegrounds Mobile India is published by Krafton. It doesn’t have red blood, and refers to the battlefield as a “virtual playground.” Instead of kills in the game, all eliminations are called “finishes” or “defeats.” Players will also be asked to confirm if they’re above 18 years old when the game is opened. This can easily be changed through the settings, though.

    Players will also be able to transfer their data from the original version of PUBG Mobile. This includes all skins, progress, and other items. Download Links

    The APK file’s size is 71.93 MBs while the OBB file is 636.46 MBs. Additional data including maps, skins, and textures will be downloaded when the game is opened. Players can select what features they want to download.

    How to download Battlegrounds Mobile India on Android?

    • Download and extract the APK and OBB files.
    • Once this is done, locate them on your device.
    • Click on the APK file to begin the installation process. You may need to enable the installation of apps from unknown sources in the settings, however.
    • The OBB file, on the other hand, has to be copied to the following location: Android > OBB > com.pubg.imobile. If this folder doesn’t exist, create it with the same name.
    • Open Battlegrounds Mobile India, login, and enjoy.

    PUBG Mobile was banned in India due to data privacy concerns. While announcing Battlegrounds Mobile India, Krafton said that data privacy and security are a “top priority” for it. The South Korean company added that it will be working with “partners” to comply with local laws.

    Update June 17 7:15am CT: BGMI’s early access is now full. While you may be able to download the install the game through the APK file, it may not work until Krafton allows more players into early access.

  • We are Back with Nekkoto Accounts and Keys !

    Hello Everyone we are back with the Aniko/Nekkoto Invite Keys & Accounts currently we have shared more then 300+ accounts on this website and we also share accounts on reddit and users are enjoying it.

    How to Get it ? Just comment any useless email and i will randomly select any email and share the invite key and accounts (do not share personal information)

    This time we have manage to get more then 150 accounts and 180 keys hopefully most of users will get accounts and keys this time !

    if you did’t get any accounts or keys earlier you can try you’r luck this time comment your email again i will randomly select few emails mostly (when accounts are available) remember if you comment other then that it will get blocked, we have limited accounts if your are wondering how i get them (all thanks for reddit users for providing free accounts & keys ) That’s all for now if you want to support or say thanks you can look over to the ads Remember do not share any personal information share any useless email.

    Note- Your Comment will only visible to me.

    (Earlier Giveaway Proof )

19 thoughts on “Invite Key for Nekkoto/Aniko”

    1. Hello bro ,I have many accounts left to giveaway before that I will share you some invite key but do not use it right away because they are currently not accepting more user so invite key will be waste, for now you should use animezone which is actually better than nekkoto

      1. Oh ok thank you. I am already using anyme x and animezone. I just want to check out nekkoto because it is private it feels like it’s VIP only

          1. I really appreciate the work you are doing but it i can’t seem to to be able to come early and get an invite code so if it is not too much trouble is it possible for you to send me an invite code directly?

  1. bro i appreciate your efforts
    and about the other pls dont force him he is not a god who can do anything he is just a hero who helped us till his maximum

  2. Fenrir's Father

    I really appreciate your efforts, please keep sharing the keys.
    i have downloaded the app but whenever I go for sign up it says “something is wrong”.

  3. Anime zone is much better app no bullshit signup or any shitty invites or donations and it also has dubbed anime just fuk nekkoto the whole community and devs moderators are full of ego , few days ago i msg on their discord sever and requested moderators for invite key and they blocked me , they can do hell with their app so much rules and shit the only thing good about nekkoto is their ui is beautiful and nothing else …. I wish their whole community gets banned …

  4. Download animezone and enjoy hassle free watching anime much larger library compared to nekkoto I recommend everyone not to signup for nekkoto its just pure shit , A app made by bunch of school kids …

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