Whatsapp in preparation for bringing new privacy policy again

The Most Popular App WhatsApp has once again back with released its new privacy policy.

if your wondering Is there a risk of data this time too? Will your personal information be shared with Facebook and Instagram? so i’m covering all information you need to know quickly what is the danger for users …

WhatsApp’s new privacy policy

WhatsApp has released its new privacy policy Friday . However, this time the app has chosen the words very carefully and pointing only main and strong points. Also, pointers have also been used to reduce confusion.

New policy for business accounts

According to the information received, the new privacy policy has been released only for business accounts. The company has clearly written in its new statement, ‘We are changing our terms of service and privacy policy. These changes are related to the messaging on WhatsApp between the business and their customers. Under the new policy, the company can take the location and contact list of the users of WhatsApp Business.

There is no pressure to accept the condition

On January 5, when WhatsApp issued a new privacy policy, everyone was forced to obey it. Also, the app had made it clear that if you did not listen to them, you would not be able to run WhatsApp. But this time the notes of WhatsApp have changed. The app has said that there is no pressure to follow the new privacy policy of WhatsApp Business. You will be able to use it without accepting the conditions.

Currently the WhatsApp data your device will not be taken

The company has made it clear that the privacy of your personal chats will not be affected. Meaning, your talk with friends or family will always be safe. Personal messages, calls, photos, videos, location, etc. shared with friends and family cannot be viewed by both WhatsApp and Facebook.

WhatsApp has once again made it clear that who is sending or calling messages, records will not be kept.

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