If your device battery is draining then increase the battery life in these ways

If you are troubled by the battery of your mobile, then increase the battery life in these ways Now-a-days we all use mobiles for doing office work and interacting with friends and relatives. For this reason the battery of the device is pressurized and the battery life is reduced. And we need to charged the device again and again.

Today we will give you something here, by adopting which you will be able to increase the battery life of your phone

┬áLet’s know that you Should Turn off mobile location and Bluetooth GPS uses the phone’s battery the most when not in use it happens most of the times that people use to forget to turn off the GPS of the phone, which is a big reason for the quick drain of the phone battery. Therefore, users should turn off the GPS immediately after using it.

Bluetooth consumes the most battery after GPS. It is often seen that users turn on Bluetooth to transfer earbuds, speakers or files, which remains on even after use, which drains the phone’s battery quickly In this types of situation you need to take care of keeping it switched off after you’r done using the Bluetooth.

Close background running app Often after opening one app, you open the second, third app. But do you know that these first and second apps keep running in the background, which causes the battery of your smartphone to run out soon. To avoid this, users should periodically close all background apps you can use norton cleaner for cleaning and ram management.

To avoid , users need periodically close all of the background applications.and remember do not use live wallpapers the Live walls are very good looking. But due to its application, the battery of the phone can run out soon. In such a situation, users should not use live wallpaper.

Always-On display feature Due to the Always On Display feature, users do not have to open their screen repeatedly with the power button. But due to Always On Display, the battery of the smartphone runs out soon. In such a situation, the Always On display feature should be used less to save your smartphone battery from running out soon. To turn it off, users should go to the Settings option of the phone and turn off the Always on display feature.

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