iPhone 13 series , All you need to Know

Every year Apple launches its iPhone in the month of September. March has started, but discussions, rumors and leaks about the iPhone 13 series have started since last month. What will be the features in iPhone 13, what will be new and what will be old, you will be seeing and hearing such news.

So far, whatever information related to the iPhone 13 has been revealed, we tell you. First of all, know that Apple does not officially say anything about its iPhone launch or about its features. On the day of launch, the company reveals the features, but most of the times the leaked things come out before the launch.

Nothing new

However, whatever news has come so far, there is nothing that is not already available in other smartphones. For the past few years, the company is not offering anything that is different from others in its smartphones.

Design same as before?

With the iPhone 13 series, the company is not going to make any radical changes this time either. The design will be more or less the same as the iPhone 12, there may be minor changes.


Three models of iPhone 13 can be launched. These will include 5.4 inches, 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches. One of these will be an affordable segment phone, just like the iPhone 12 Mini.


Talking about the features, during WWDC21, the company will introduce a new version of iOS. Only then you will get an idea of ​​what the software will be in the iPhone 13 series.

Portless design?

In some reports, it is also being said that the iPhone 13 series can come without port. However, its expectation is quite low. Vivo also introduced the Apex concept without any ports.

Small notch

This time with the iPhone 13 series, a little small notch can be seen. Apart from this, a display of 120Hz refresh rate is also expected to be available in the iPhone 13 Pro.

Under Display Fingerprint Scanner?

It is being told that this time Apple will also support under display fingerprint scanner with Face ID. But I think it seems less hopeful as well.

Camera Improvement, especially Ultra Wide

Camera improvement is done every year, this time too. According to the report, this time there will be a lot of improvement in ultra wide angle lenses.

LTPO Display Tech

LTPO screen can be seen with iPhone 13. This technology helps in power saving, because every picture in the display works independently and can be turned on or off separately.

Always on display?

This time with the iPhone 13, the company can also provide Always On Display support. Although Always On Display has become a very old trend. Apart from this, the company will obviously bring a new chipset which will be much faster than the previous generation.

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