How to Create a Successful YouTube Channel Pro Guide.

Hey there ,my name is yash i’m currently a youtuber at ( and i welcome you to my website so basically i want to share how to start a successful Youtube Channel on the basis of my year’s of experience being a youtuber.

Here are basic things you need to keep in mind before creating a Youtube channel

  1. Start with choosing a good name
  2. Create a Logo for Your Channel
  3. Create a Channel Art
  4. know about your content type
  5. Remember do not worry about monetization it takes time just focus on content
  6. You Should Upload your first (official) video of your channel
  7. Channel Name should be Easy and Unique
  8. Most importantly Stay consistent
  9. Integrate your channel in your website if possible
  10. Engage with your community
  11. it’s optional and it will help you to grow fast you can think about investing in YouTube ads

#1 Getting Started

The thing is you’ll have to make your business channel, and YouTube makes it unimaginably simple to do. With only a few of snaps, you’ll be prepared to plunge into setting up your new channel.

  • Sign into Your YouTube Account and click on the user icon at the top right of the screen
  • Click on the gear icon to get to your account’s YouTube Settings
  • Now Click on Create a new channel
  • Then choose “Any Unique Name”
  • Then Simply add your Brand name and click create

#2 Fill in about Sections

If you’re thinking how to start a YouTube channel that draws attention to your brand or might be anything like gaming channel ,so the next step for you is to fill out your profile and channel description this is also a important step it helps to engage users. Basically This is the first option you see after you have created a channel. Here, you should describe your Channel and what yours viewers can expect to see it on the channel. Basically i use this section to add links for sponsors suppory so you can add a email where people can contact you so Basically This is also a good place to add links of your website and other social media networks that you use.

#3 Your Channel Art

You can create a channel art by using any software or Photoshop Basic Guide

At the point when you go to a YouTube channel, you’ll promptly be welcomed with a huge standard showing the channel name. This is your cover photograph and is first rate property for presenting your image.

You can make your cover photograph as luxurious or insignificant as you’d like, yet ensure that your image is the point of convergence, as it will be the initial introduction somebody gets after entering. Fortunately, there are an incredible variety of instruments to kick you off on the off chance that you don’t turn out to be a prepared visual originator. Agreeable update: YouTube suggests transferring your cover photograph at 2560 x 1440 pixels with a most extreme document size of 4MB.

#4 Know your Content

Since you’re in the of beginning a YouTube channel for your own business, you ought to have a very sizable amount of source material to work with, and you can move toward your video content in more than one manner.

On the off chance that you have create an content and need to engage your visitors to study it, video instructional exercises may be an extraordinary road for you. Need to flaunt incredible surveys from your clients? Tributes might be the best approach. Stunningly better, do both! Thusly, your channel has an assortment of substance to devour, which can resound with various watchers.

#5 Create You’re First Video (official)

Your First Video is About Your Self talking about your passion and most importantly the content you will be providing to Your visitors

Now, you’ve likely done a considerable lot of examination about your first video, and on the off chance that you as of now have your channel trailer added to your repertoire, you have a touch of training also! Presently it’s an ideal opportunity to take and state “activity.” Whenever you’re finished shooting and altering your first video, it’s an ideal opportunity to transfer it. Given that YouTube depends on video transfers, you’ll discover the transfer choice at the upper right of the screen when you sign into your record. You’re not done at this point, however!

#6 Stay Consistent and Stay reliable

This is it, One Your Done All the Steps above you need to start being more reliable and consistent about uploading videos and you need to be active for your subscribers in the starting you won’t get much interaction but ones you’ve reached 1,000 subscribers you’ll get to understand how youtube works.

Things to Remember Try not to expect achievement on the off chance that you intend to make a YouTube channel, transfer one video and afterward disregard it totally. Making an effective YouTube channel requires some serious energy and exertion, and watchers expect consistency from the channels that they buy in to. After your first video, make certain to design the following not many recordings early.

Uncertain in the event that you’ll have the opportunity to shoot a video consistently or all other weeks? Not an issue! Remove a day from your timetable to shoot more than one video and delivery them on your own timetable.

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